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Technical information

Design, artwork and prepress

The creation, lay-out and prepress of all your packaging is safe with Steurs. Our graphic experts work with:

  • Illustrator, Photohop, ArtPro, InDesign

You can also rely on us for all types of file conversions.


Flexo printing plates

Our innovative S-Dot system guarantees tailor-made Flexo printing plates of impeccable quality. They offer excellent results without any extra investment or adaptation.

Flexo printing plates are available from 1,14 millimeter up to 6,35 millimeter in thickness.


Offset printing plates

Our CTP plates excel in quality and results by any standard. We use CTP plates with a maximum size of 1270 millimeter by 2030 millimeter – with a thickness up to 0,4 millimeter.

Our experts illuminate your CTP plates through formatting, PDF or 1 bit tiff.



To make sure your packages live up to the highest standards, Steurs offers extra means of control. Our proofing solutions give you the opportunity to check your order before it’s sent out for print.

Our high-end digital color trials are perfectly fit for demanding labels and packages.

We offer a variety of techniques:

GMG proofing

  • Rasterized proofing print possible
  • On thin and transparent ClearProof or MetallicProof film (maximum width: 60 centimeters)
  • Coated or uncoated paper (maximum width: 107 centimeters)
  • CMYK and spot colors
  • Washboard simulation possible


  • Lifelike simulation of your packaging
  • Premium colors and extremely detailed finish




With the fingerprinting technique we carefully determine all printing specifications, from dot gain values to minimum dot size and density. This process goes as follows:

  • You create a linear printing form.
  • After printing, this printing form is measured out by our specialists. Different parameters are determined.
  • These parameters established in close partnership with our client.
  • All parameters are integrated into our workflows, so that every plate is fabricated according to the same parameters and offers the best results possible on your machines.