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The proof of the product is in the printing

Trust is good – but control is better. That’s why we offer the possibility to check if your high standards are met. At the lowest possible price, of course.

Before you start printing your material, we can provide you with a full service proofing. That way, you can see in real life if your package is exactly what you wanted. And if the colors are perfect – just like every detail in the design.

How we do it? That’s up to you!

  • Hard Copy Proofing

The cream of the crop when it comes to proofing. Executed as a fully finished product, printed on the material of the final packaging – if you desire so. Rasterized, of course. Because that’s essential for high-end packaging prints. 

  • Large Format Proofing

Full-color proofing on large format plotters: the best way to experience your print work.

  • Mock-ups

Your package the way it’s designed to be. Steurs creates physical samples of your packaging on a specially designed cutting table. So you can experience – and inspect – your package up to the smallest detail.

  • 3D-rendering

A vivid, digital 3D-simulation of your packaging product? Thanks to our advanced rendering software it’s a walk in the park.

What proofing fits your project best? Why not count on our 70 years in the trade when making that decision? Contact us today!