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About Steurs

Steurs. Innovating for the future

At Steurs, we refine the art of prepress, premedia and design for almost 70 years.

What that means for you? That you’ve selected a partner that keeps on innovating in an industry that’s constantly evolving. A company that firms its position every day.

We were founded in Antwerp, the home of the Steurs brothers, that established our company in 1949. Their passion for lithography and photo engraving was the starting point for a story that continues to unfold up till today.

But the world keeps on moving. New techniques are developed every day. Old techniques perish. That’s why constantly discovering is part of our DNA. We keep on creating solutions for today and tomorrow. So that our clients can rely on the most inventive solutions the graphic industry has to offer.

Your order at Steurs puts over 70 talented graphic professionals in motion. People that won’t strive for anything less than perfection. Backed by the most advanced techniques and processes. But most off all: driven by pure craftsmanship.

Our company evolves every day. Always adapting, innovating, flexibly responding to every new challenge. With our extensive and solid experience as a reliable backbone. And a burning passion for the trade.

Contact us today and put us to work!