Rubens Year 2018 and Steurs: a tribute to the master, a tribute to art

Peter Paul Rubens: a homage

The works of the Flemish Masters are renowned around the world. Their oeuvre is honoured, copied and reproduced. And so it should. Their artistic influence cannot be underestimated.

That’s why 2018 is declared the Rubens Year. First a tribute to the master himself, and in the following years to Bruegel and Van Eyck, those other infamous legends.

It’s an Antwerp thing

Peter Paul Rubens isn’t just a global icon. He embodies the great creativity that lingers in the city of Antwerp as well. So it might not come as a surprise that Steurs gladly welcomes this wonderful event.

Not just because of the interesting publications and refreshing insights such a year has to offer. Or because creating superior art books – from lay-out to proofing – is a beloved speciality of our team.

It’s not just that. It’s because Steurs is rooted in Antwerp as well – just like Rubens.

An eye for detail, a work of art

Above all else, we at Steurs see the world from an expert point of view. To really honour the masters, one needs to truly honour their work. With high-quality reproductions and prints, that bring to life even the finest details and most subtle color schemes.

The creation of art books, art prints for brochures and catalogues – yes, even lifelike banners with portraits and paintings – isn’t just a matter of reproducing.

It’s a matter of reconstructing. Of highlighting with care. Balancing and calibrating. Until the message, every aspect of the imagery becomes clear and persuasive. After all, having an eye for detail is an art form as well.

Knowhow and equipment

Every art project demands a strong injection of knowhow, a patient, multidisciplinary approach and – last but not least – high-tech material that’s fit for this kind of work.

Then, and only then, you will achieve results that truly bring out the brilliance in the art of the artist – even that of the true masters.

Now guess who combines all of these criteria in one thorough service. That’s right, the Steurs-team does.

All eyes on 2018

National and international museums and publishers are fully preparing for 2018. Rubens’ work is being printed in all forms and formats. Everything is put in place for an unforgettable Rubens Year.

We at Steurs are utterly proud to be the preferred partner for specialised printing houses, publishers, museums, galleries, design bureaus and public institutions for the realization of their art communication and publications – once again.

Now that’s another reason to look forward to 2018.

Curious to see how we can bring your art publications to life – from lay-out to scanning and proofing?

Find out now: schedule your meeting with your Steurs-contact!


PS: be sure to keep an eye on our website. In the following months we’ll take you on a tour through our preparations and Rubens related projects!