The new Steurs offices: here’s how we combine health with job satisfaction

New offices, a fresh start

The coming relocation of the Steurs offices to Wijnegem will boost our production. An open production space – over 1.000 square meters in size! – will guarantee flawlessly integrated processes. That’s good news for you, with more intensive quality control and faster process times.

But you’re not the only one that we’ve been focusing on. Our teams are looking forward to their new workspace as well. And they have every reason to do so. We’ve put a lot of effort into creating a healthy and comfortable work environment. Happy employees mean happy customers, right?

Come work with us (for a couple of minutes)

Today, you can walk a mile – or a minute – in the shoes of our team members. Join us for a short virtual tour around the new facility – even though construction isn’t finalized yet. Ready? Here we go!

Driving into the busy city center to get to work, is a thing of the past. Our new offices are easily reachable, situated in the vicinity of all central highways. An alluring piece of greenery welcomes you as you drive up to the offices, landscaped by a creative garden designer. The old and industrial style building was renovated from start to finish.

Are you arriving by electrical car or e-bike? Then use the available charging stations for electrical cars, bikes and scooters – free of charge, of course. A great step towards a more sustainable mobility.

Now, come on in…

Production hall with class

Are you a production worker? Than walk on through to the open hall, where all machinery is logically placed. A modern epoxy floor delivers a modern feel, while everywhere around you the most innovative techniques are integrated into the walls and ceilings.

A spacious atmosphere, with ceilings up to 6 meters in height. Perfect, that allows us to control a constant flow of fresh and healthy air. An energy efficient ventilation system provides a comfortable climate, all year long.

Renovated offices with a modern touch

Walk up the stairs to find our back-office on the first floor. The whole space was made open plan and decorated with beautifully customized desks and cupboards. Health is of the essence here as well, with an outstanding system of air circulation.

On top of that, we make sure you can work in optimal conditions throughout the year. Warmth produced by our machinery is recuperated up to 80% and re-used by our ingenious heating system. The enjoyable temperature isn’t only comfortable, it’s durable and sustainable as well.

Light and sound: we’ve thought things through

Large window panes on one side make for an abundance of natural light, while on the other side you can overlook the production hall. You can work in peace and quiet here, without any ambient noise, thanks to the soundproofing panels that have been put up everywhere.

Quickly check something in the archives? The lights turn on automatically, due to an intelligent lighting system with sensors and led lighting. We chose for exceptionally efficient lighting equipment, fully automated to reduce excess usage.

Take a break. You’ve earned it.

Feeling hungry? Have a seat in our totally renovated lunchroom. And when it’s sunny outside, go out into the garden, easily accessible through the large sliding windows.

There you go. You’re not the only one we’ve been thinking about when renovating our new facility. Our team members deserve a work place that’s focused on wellbeing, health and job satisfaction. And we’ve invested greatly in providing exactly that.

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