How a new location improves productivity? Here’s how Steurs plans to do it

You don’t move a business that has been at the same location for over 60 years, merely for fun. But because it’s absolutely necessary to guarantee customers the consistent and high-end service they are used to getting.

Let’s take a look on how we plan to increase productivity and stimulate innovation. Two key aspects that have always been the backbone of our company.

Productivity: let’s give it some space

In our current buildings, production facility is fragmented. That wasn’t the plan, but when you’re in a city environment, every expansion, technological innovation, investment or alteration is limited by the available amount of space. We’ve developed a system throughout the years to make production run smooth under these conditions. But let’s be honest: it isn’t optimal.

The 1.000 square meter large production hall at the new facility – that we’ve renovated completely – gives us the opportunity to streamline all processes and production machinery to the full. With a more consistent workflow that’s organized logically. Organized to meet every possible need optimally.

Room for efficiency

This great amount of space isn’t just comfortable for the workflow we have today. It gives us the means to expand and diversify our production in the future. New machines can easily be added into the existing production line. Internal communication runs smoother than ever before. Quality improvement becomes a constant and perfectly coherent process.

This brand-new approach gives us the means to up our efficiency and quality-standards. Resulting in larger work volumes that can be processed.

Ways to improve innovation

Technology and digital innovation are at the heart of what we do. That’s why we made sure that our new offices are fully equipped to meet the technical demands of future innovations. We’ve installed a high-end electrical system and state-of-the-art data cabling, fully supportive of all our future ambitions. We’ve only begun to roll out our digital services. And our brand-new facility allows us to go the extra mile in the years to come.

Want to know more about the relocation of our offices?  Keep an eye on the news section of our website.