3 tips for a smooth print campaign. And how to save money while you’re at it

Advertisement printing: Steurs advises

Advertising agencies invest heavily in attracting creatives. And right they are. After all, they are the heart and soul of every campaign. But advertising campaigns need a technical backbone as well. And that’s where we come in.

Printing banners, publishing advertisements, creating promotional material … Between the first design and the ultimate realisation lies a rocky road. One that can cost you – if you’re not careful.

Steurs offers 3 tips that guarantee a carefree print campaign. Make your clients happy. And save some money while you’re at it.

  1. Make your results predictable

Is your design ready? Great, then you know exactly what to expect. But do you know what you’ll be getting as well?

A watertight proofing of your design is essential for every campaign. You’re not running a proofing? Then you might miss certain technical errors and receive campaign material that’s not fit to go out.

You’ll lose time and money. And that’s a shame. So don’t go there. Rely on an experienced technical partner to show you the way.

Steurs performs proofings with the newest hardware and software. For offset and flexo, publication and packaging – from foils to cardboard. That way, you can instantly experience the end result.

Discover now: ask for more information on our different proofings!

  1. Don’t lose time with technical coordination

One partner for color management, another for file optimization and yet another one for image processing? It takes time to streamline all these services. One technical partner saves you time. And stress.

Technical support for superior packaging printing work of wrap an entire tram with your visual or advertisement? We can do it all.

Steurs is exceptionally well equipped when it comes to technical knowhow. Our team consist of dtp’ers, but you’ll find image processors and designers in our team as well. You’ll soon notice our quick communication, a speedy processing time and an impeccable delivery.

No loss of time. No coordination. No stress.

  1. Save on color. Get more out of your budget

You want nothing less than extraordinary packaging that woos your client in a heartbeat? Then you know color is of the essence for your printing works. The attraction of your campaign is determined by the intensity and vividness of the colours used.

But color is expensive. And more color means more ink. More costs. Right?

Well, not necessarily. The S-Color tool from Steurs optimizes color usage for your campaign’s packaging material. With some minimal interventions, your printer will be able to use less ink for the same effect.

The result: all packaging material for your campaign remains remarkably powerful. But will cost you considerably less in printing costs.

There you go! Just a few tips that will help you save time, energy and money. Creating an advertising campaign has never been easier.

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