Phenomenal color intensity on foils and labels – even reaching 0 percent? Find out how!

Incredible color intensity? Let’s talk about S-Dot

In our industry, the bar is set higher every day. Brands want even crisper product packaging, distinguishing them from their competitors. Demanding, and right they are, more intense color schemes that bring their package imagery to life.

And so we helped them do it. With S-Dot, we have created a revolutionary quality development for flexo, to reach impeccable color rendering on corrugated board. With higher consistency, better achievements and beautiful, smooth results.  This results in an exciting new way of flexo printing for packaging, equipped to fulfil the highest technical needs and quality expectations.

S-Dot for foils as well? Now that’s big news.

But even though this innovation, developed completely by the Steurs-team, is impressive, it’s nothing new. Many printers and brands use it today – with great success, we might add. The novelty in our story? We’ve developed S-Dot for foils and labels as well.

What solutions does S-Dot bring for printers and brands?

  1. Much smaller dot gain
  2. Better ink absorption and transfer
  3. Extraordinary color intensity, even reaching highlights to 0 percent
  4. Stunning color pallet

What does S-Dot for foils do exactly?

Well, it takes printing for foil packaging and labels to a whole new level. The ink absorption is superb. The contrasts are phenomenal. Why? Because with this new technique, white really is white. The colours truly vibrate with intensity. With the possibility to reach 0 percent in the highlights for astonishing results.

Thought that was impossible? It no longer is. Our team has worked long and hard to bring the S-Dot up and running with all sorts of foil printers. And now it’s here.

You’ll have to see it to believe it. And we’re just waiting to show you. Contact us!

I’m a printer. Can I use it? Do I want to use it?

In short: yes and yes. Since we’ve launched the S-Dot for foils, we’ve seen an impressive amount of enthusiasm from a wide range of brands. They’re thrilled that it’s possible to achieve impeccable results on material as delicate as foil.

The S-Dot technique for foils can be used on all sorts of foil – from detailed beer bottle labels to complete and colourful foil packaging. The best thing is: for every type of foil, we develop tailor made plates, adapted to the specific technical equipment of every printer.

Perfectly adapted to your machinery

That way, we tackle one of the great frustrations of many printers. Where producers design a product or package, but deliver no technical back-up for their trusted printing house.

With Steurs, you can develop a fully operational solution within the shortest possible timeframe. So that both the client and the printer can enjoy foil packaging results that are made to impress.

Want to find out more about the S-Dot for foils? Contact us and let’s talk. That way, you can discover the results for yourself.